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Fic, Unfinished art

Art is at the bottom : )
On to ficcage!

Title: Souji's Lolcats
Fandom: Persona 4
Prompt: This picture
Genre: Humor

Yosuke admits that it might be his fault...Collapse )

Also, a sketch I'm probably never going to finish- but it's something I like enough to post, but not enough to finish : /

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 Damn me and my fleeting attentions...

Beauty in the Breakdown - a P4 Doujinshi

Just finished the cover to a doujinshi I'm doing in my spare time and wanted to share. Revolves mainly around the dynamic duo.

It's called "Beauty in the Breakdown," a doujinshi in which Yosuke and Souji seemingly share a dark descent into supernatural madness... and try desperately to figure out the source of it before their inevitable demise.


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Feelin a little down

You know, I know that every day is a new day. I know that every minute is a chance to start anew. It's something I hear from friends, family, the media radio.... but what they neglect to mention is the fact that sometimes it is so very hard to get ahead when the person you're trying to beat is yourself.

I am the product of my bad habits right now and I don't like who I am. Don't get me wrong, I have self esteem and I am confident in myself in my skills, abilities and for the most part, my good heart. The problem comes when my bad habits come into play. I often try to change, but revert back after a matter of days. I lack discipline, if I'm any good at analyzing myself, and what good things I start I tend to not finish.

I guess maybe that's why I'm a little down right now: just a series of unfortunate events related to those particular bad habits.

I'm never really down for long, as I'm usually upbeat and happy. But for now, I just want to completely absorb myself in something. Be completely preoccupied with something to the point where I don't have to think anymore. Once I've saturated myself in whatever it is, then comes the hard work of building good actions, habits and then character. Turtles is coming to pick me up and completely occupy my brain with playing Left 4 Dead 2 at his house (after he drops someone off somewhere).

I WILL change. I WILL do better. I WILL earn a great, successful future and deserve it. It just takes time, effort and the willpower to full execute things and reach goals. I know I'm not perfect, but it's always possible to improve.

In the mean time, I just need to not think.

Japan does it again...

Dude. This is just... it has just unparalleled levels of AWESOME.
Every time I watch it, I find something new XDDDD.

Persona 4 doujinshi

I'm doing a Persona 4 doujinshi. I named it. Then forgot what I was gonna call it. Nrgh.

Ah well. working on the cover. Excited :D.

But before I can work on it, I have to finish my Perspective final. ARgh. I hate perspective, but if you learn it, you make money in the industry. So says my teachers. So onward I go!

Persona 4 Drama CD

Oh... god. Found the Persona 4 Drama CD that follows the events of the game. Translations are on the right side.

Persona 4 Drama CD

Yukiko can be scary. And oh god, the three way promise oh, my HEART. And I love how Yosuke admits how much he likes taking care of Teddie. Oh, it's just too much, It's so damn cute I don't even


kh_Request Drawings!

Requests for ... <lj user="</b>animekittysama"> <lj user="</b>midnight_birth"> <lj user="</b>tyra_amria">



[151] Surreal - "Your Once Upon a Time"

Challenge: [151] Surreal
Title:  Your Once-Upon-a-Time
Word Count:
Notes: Sora catches someone reading his journal.

It's been a while hasn't it?

( ...In the center of dusty piles of seashells, dried cherry blossoms, dragon scales, and half-broken treasure chests she has cleared a circle where she likes to read the journal... )


KH100 challenge :D

Click to Enter!

Claim: Sora, Kairi, Riku

001.Heart 002.Key 003.Secret 004.Love 005.Hate
006.Water 007.Sky 008.Young 009.Old 010.Beginning
011.End 012.Promise 013.Sacrifice 014.Stars 015.Sexuality
016.Time 017.Friend 018.Enemy 019.Adventure 020.Fantasy
021.Colour 022.Family 023.Sunset 024.Questions 025.Choices
026.Violence 027.Fear 028.Fire 029.Bad 030.Good
031.Art 032.Satisfaction 033.Cold 034.Hot 035.Easy
036.Hard 037.Soft 038.Ice cream 039.Stress 040.Music
041.Independence 042.Heartless 043.Memory 044.Power 045.Fame
046.Eyes 047.Embarrassment 048.Growth 049.Morning 050.Night
051.Chocolate 052.Leaving 053.Returning 054.Victory 055.Numbers
056.Passion/Obsession 057.Annoyance 058.Boredom 059.Fun 060.Peace
061.War 062.Rules 063.Pictures 064.Doors 065.Holes
066.Loyalty 067.Final 068.Truth 069.Dare 070.Truce
071.Patience 072.Happy 073.Sad 074.Angry 075.Hurt
076.Magic 077.Pride 078.Greed 079.Envy 080.Wrath
081.Darkness 082.Light 083.Intense 084.Lies 085.Creation
086.Destruction 087.Capital 088.Past 089.Future 090.Worry
091.Pain 092.Pleasure 093.Spirit 094.Ocean 095.Consequence
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.